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There’s a very good reason a product needs to look its best. It sells more. Here at Loop we know what goes into designing and creating a product and what it takes to get it to market. It’s usually a collaborative process were everyone involved wants it to succeed. Whether your photography requirements are for e-commerce, POS, social media or the latest catalogue, Loop makes sure it looks its best and stands out from the crowd.

e-commerce photography studio in Manchester, Lancashire and Leeds.
E-commerce photography in Manchester, Lancashire and Leeds.

E-commerce product photography is on the rise. These days it’s nothing new; it’s expected. Our clients understand the importance of an online presence for their products. They trust us to deliver fast, professional and contemporary imagery that gets the likes, shares and more importantly the ‘Add to Cart’. Loop has thousands of in-house props and backgrounds to meed the demands of the clients and agencies we work with as quickly and creatively as possible. We’re more than just a Product Photographer; we’re a team with the knowledge, studio facilities and professionalism you’re looking for. Get in touch if you would like to know more.